About Internet Radio Stations

Internet radio is similar to its traditional form, only broadcasted through the world wide web. Just like regular radio, online radio cannot be neither paused nor replayed; it is also called streaming radio because the content is not downloaded. The advantages of web radio include the fact that it is accessible from anywhere in the world. For instance, a person in the United States can listen to a free Internet radio station in Asia, so long as that person has a computer with internet connectivity, or an IRD. An IRD or network music player is a piece of hardware which autonomously receives and plays music from a computer, music stations on the cyberspace or online music services.

Some well established offline broadcasters have branched out to an internet radio, such as BBC, Radiotelevisione Italiana, C-SPAN, Raidió Teilifís Éireann, Deutsche Welle, Corporación de Radio y Televisión Española, and more. On the other hand, there are many internet exclusive web radios, however they do differ from old-fashioned stations in the fact that they incorporate certain features to appeal to listeners’ personal tastes. This type of radio online includes websites like Pandora, Last.fm, Grooveshark, Live365, Rhapsody and others.

A web radio like Pandora, for instance, is actually a music recommendation service. The user enters a song or band suggestion into the system, and the site responds by playing similar music. The listener has the ability to rate the songs, which will influence current and future selections. The songs played on this website the form of a personalized internet radio (as with similar ones) and can be paused, but they cannot be replayed until the system plays them again. Last.fm also makes use of a recommender system, while listeners can create their own stations and listen to other user’s stations. In addition, this website provides several social networking applications.

Another popular web radio is Grooveshark.com. Unlike Pandora and Last FM, Grooveshark is internationally available, and users do not have to pay a membership fee in order to enjoy different features, like creating playlists (though the website does offer two subscription modes with further benefits). Another advantage of Grooveshark in addition to its music recommender system, is that the user can search for a specific song and stream it immediately.

These internet radio stations represent the impact that the world wide web has had on all media, as well as the improvement. Long gone are the days where callers would make a request for DJ’s to play their favorite song, and the hours’ wait to actually listen to it. Today, the music people have grown to love, along with a wealth of new music to be discovered, is at the tip of one’s mouse clicking finger.