AccuRadio, An Objective Look

It seems that a new Internet radio station opens each day, so a person looking for a new service will have plenty of options. The top online radio station is largely dependent on a person’s personal musical preferences and desires. A station that plays the best oldies may have nothing of value for a person that only wants to listen to classical music. For this reason, it is important to take a full and objective look at the different Internet radio broadcasters to see which one will make the best fit for a person. One of the newer ones is AccuRadio and they are a good option for several reasons.

For simple radio playback without excessive advertising, AccuRadio is a popular choice. The service has over 300 channels dedicated to a wide variety of genres from pop and rock to classical and even to world music. The service is well supported, with an estimated one million listeners tuning in to the stations each month. The best thing about AccuRadio is their interface, which is much easier to use than other more complicated services. Another positive for this Internet radio station is that their metadata is exceptionally tagged. These features snagged AccuRadio a Webby Award in 2008. Also, the service has several stations devoted to genres of jazz, which are usually lacking with other top online radio broadcasters.

As far as the negatives, there are a few complaints. The main problem is that the station is broadcast at only 32 kbps, which means the audio quality is not nearly as good as some broadcasters that use 96 kbps or even higher. As many fans of jazz and classical music want the best rates possible, this lack of audio fidelity can be a sore point. Still, many people find that AccuRadio has enough positive features to compensate for their lower bitrate.