The Acoustic Alternative Radio Station

Being formed in 2006, the Acoustic Alternative radio station has quickly gained a loyal following due to its unique and diverse playlist. There are many advantages to this Internet radio station, but there are also some areas where the station falls short. The website and streaming radio plays a wide range of music, including the best alternative songs and favorite tunes from the indie, punk, and hard rock genres. This playlist has proved to be quite popular and has made it one of the top free Internet radio stations in the country.

By far the biggest advantage found with Acoustic Alternative is their choice of music. In addition to popular songs of the day, the station also makes room for plenty of new artists that are trying to get their music heard. At the website, an artist or group can submit their music for review. If the editors or DJs like what they hear, it will be included in future broadcasts. This willingness to include new and unsigned artists has brought a new audience segment of those people that would like to hear the next hot band before they make it big.

Unfortunately, the same thing that makes Acoustic Alternative great is also its downfall. Because it plays a large amount of music that is not known to listeners, a person may find themselves craving something more familiar and tune to another Internet radio stream. However, to keep things exciting, Acoustic Alternative has started holding monthly give aways where listeners can win real prizes and gives a more interactive experience. While this has helped to build the fanbase of the station, it is only drawing listeners that are hoping to win one of the prizes instead of appreciating the music. In the future, Acoustic Alternative will need to find more ways to lure listeners to the music and not just another radio gimick.