Grooveshark Radio Review

Grooveshark is a legal peer-to-peer service for music which allows anybody to upload or listen to free music online. The site claims to have every song in the world and it is being supported by advertising and artists who pay for promoting their music. Users can upload their own music and the artists are paid every time their songs are being listened to.

The songs are played with an integrated flash player which also has options like Shuffle, Loop, Crossfade. Users can also save their favorite songs, albums, and play lists.

Grooveshark Internet radio has also a social networking feature which allows users to browse through other people’s music libraries and play lists

Groovesharks has been released in march 2006 by Sam Tarantino and Josh Greenberg. Initially, the site offered to pay for music uploads, but finally decided to choose only the free music streaming.

But what is the difference between Grooveshark online web radio and other web radios?

The Grooveshark competitors are Pandora or Last FM. Last FM offers suggestions based on users’ preferences and also has music videos. Pandora uses a sophisticated algorithm software to analyze and recommend music based on users preferences. Grooveshark makes recommendations based on similitude in people’s profiles and their favorite songs.

Grooveshark is a free online internet radio and it is great for people who love music and want to share their own musical taste and to listen to online music.

The main pros for using Grooveshark are the easy interface, the songs, albums and play lists can easily be uploaded on Twitter, Facebook or StumbleUpon, the users can see other people’s favorite songs and the registration is very easy.

There aren’t any disadvantages is using Grooveshark web radio, maybe only the enormous amount at time spent on listening to good music and creating amazing play lists, but that can not be considered a disadvantage since listening to you favorite music is a time well spent.