The Internet Podcast

Internet podcasting began to catch the attention of all individuals in the year 2004. It is known that from 1998 through 2001 there were multiple podcasts available on the Internet. Several groups and individuals contributed for the popularity and early emergence of Internet podcasts. Podcasting started to appear on the World Wide Web the same year that some products was officially approved to be sold on the market, which was on 1998.

A podcast is a series of either video or audio digital media files, which are released by episode and are often downloaded through the method of web syndication. The word Pod replace the word Web because of the success of the Apple Ipod, which had a role in the rising innovation and popularity of Web feeds.

The delivery mode of a podcast is by accessing media files over the Internet such as

a direct download link and streamed webcasting. All videos and audio files from the series chosen by the individual are maintained on the server of the distributor as a web feed. The user needs to install a client application software for the availability to access the podcasts. The user can buy podcasts online through a similar process as if you were going to buy stuff at an online store, why this analogy well you can even find podcasts about generic stuff, there are all types of different podcasts on the Internet.

The person credited with the idea to automate the syncing and delivery of textual content to a portable audio player was by the name of Adam Clark Curry also known as the “Podfather”. Adam Curry is an Internet and broadcasting personality born on 1964 in the city of Arlington, Virgina. He was an MTV video jockey from 1987 to 1994. Since 1930 there have been news programs and radio talk shows. Nowadays through the evolution of the capabilities of Internet along with audio podcasts and others are doing what was historically done with radio broadcast stations.