Last FM

The music we listen to tells a lot about our personality and in a way defines ourselves as a person. Also our friends and all our likes and dislikes. Music has a way of connecting people and it is a very powerful social tool.

With technology having such a big part in our lives, people are using Internet more and more to listen to their favorite type of music. There is a multitude of online radio stations that help people all over the world to get connected, create personalized play lists and enjoy their favorite songs.

One of the best radio stations out there is Last FM. The site was created in 2002 and it’s located in the UK. The concept behind last fm is a system called audioscrobbler that helps the user find music according to its taste by recording his or her favorite songs and recommending similar songs. The system has been reported to have more than 50 billion users. The last fm scrobbler system is an innovative idea and it became very popular in the last years among Internet radio stations all over the world.

Last fm services are free for users in UK, USA and Germany. For people living in other countries, last fm radio requires a subscription.

Last fm has been called ‘the social music revolution’ and gives you the facilities of a social networking portal on a base of musical taste. You can have make new friends that listen to the same music as you do, you can invite your friends, you can stock up and listen to your favorite artists and you have access to numerous online radio stations with all the genres of music you love. The cherry on top is the possibility to create your own radio station.

According to the music you have on your computer, last fm give you recommendations. Another feature is that the site gives you detailed information about the bands and artists you love, with the possibility to buy any album online and many other facilities you will discover after you stop dancing.