Live 365 on the Internet

With so many types of radio on the Internet, the choices can seem very difficult for a user just beginning to use the online services. One of these websites that has attracted a large following is Live 365, which boasts one of the largest customer bases in the online radio world. One feature that sets this Internet radio station apart from others is that users can create their own stations to share with friends. By the year 2006, the website boasted over 6,000 radio streaming stations that are hosted on its servers.

In addition to the user created Internet radio stations, Live 365 has also become the primary place for terrestrial radio stations to transition to an online presence. Many of these are college and university radio stations as well as smaller stations that can broadcast for free using the Live 365 software. For end users, the basic cost of the service is also free, but this includes commercials that are inserted into the playback. One drawback of Live 365 is that users that would like to avoid the advertisements must become a VIP member by paying a small annual fee.

With a beginning in the early 1980s, Live 365 was one of the first online radio pioneers. Unfortunately, the technology to stream an audio signal was still in its infancy and it was not until 1999 that the service started to build steam. However, after this initial building phase, the popularity of radio on the Internet grew by leaps and bounds. With an early foot in the door, Live 365 outpaced many of the other Internet radio broadcasters and quickly became a fan favorite. The company was able to survive the online radio threat of 2007 and has improved their user and broadcast software to remain one of the top choices for Internet radio.