Maestro FM Versus the Competition

On the Internet, one of the hottest topics is which online streaming radio service will make it to the top. There are countless numbers of contenders, but only time will tell which one is able to step forward and become the iTunes of cloud computing. One of the newest contenders to hit the virtual airwaves is Maestro FM, a service that not only provides online radio, but also gives its users the ability to upload their entire music collection to listen to from wherever they have an Internet connection. This combination of features could easily change how people listen online to music.

Essentially, Maestro FM is a combination of a social network and a streaming radio service. A user can link their friends to certain types of music and share favorite songs very easily. It is through this connection that the strongest point of the service is found. While most people like to listen to music on a regular basis, some are more interested in music discovery, or finding new and exciting music. The dual aspect of being able to listen to songs that friends like as well as a normal radio stream make Maestro FM one of the champions for music discovery.

On the downside, Maestro FM is still in its infancy. The home page says that the service is still in a beta state and, as such, there are still a decently large number of bugs to be worked out. Some customers have complained about problems with interrupted streams and issues with certain songs not being able to be played. The future of Maestro FM will hang on whether they are able to address these issues and bring a completed product to the market or whether they will be surpassed by other services that offer a similar function but are in a more reliable state.