The Nu Perception Radio Station

In an online atmosphere where most radio services are trying to be everything for everyone, it can be refreshing to come across a streaming station that focuses only on delivering quality music on a regular basis. Such is the case with the Nu Perception Web Radio service, a station that is dedicated to drum and bass music and plays a wide variety of the subgenres that are included in this electronic style. Like any service that plays radio music, there are good and bad things with Nu Perception and a person will need to take a listen to determine if it is their cup of tea or not.

On the positive side of things, Nu Perception certainly has a lot going for them. Their selection of drum and bass music is outstanding and they offer something that few radio stations do. If a user would like to become a DJ, they can send a demo and possibly be awarded a time slot to spin their own favorite tunes. This kind of interactive experience adds an extra level to the Internet radio atmosphere and can be a great way to increase conversation between DJs and fans of the station. Another good thing about Nu Perception is that they also offer complete mixes for download after they have been broadcast for listeners that enjoyed what they heard.

As with any on line radio station that focuses on just one style of music, Nu Perception has a serious shortcoming. If a person does not like drum and bass, there is very little chance that they will listen to the station for any length of time. Instead, the radio music that is played caters to a very small slice of the listening public and will likely keep the majority of potential listeners away. Another problem is that Nu Perception does not use any of the standard broadcasting services, so it takes extra steps to use it on a regular basis.