Online Radio Music Hits

Hip-hop artist and songwriter, 88-Keys, has stirred the Online Radio music charts with his recent production of “The Death of Adam, ” his debut album. It is important to note that 88-Keys has been producing albums for Hip-hop artists such as Scarface, Mos Def and Beanie Siegel for a decade or so. Eventually, all that extraordinary talent seeped into his own creative juices and gave him the confidence to come up with his own musical expression, which has become a online radio hit.

“The Death of Adam” has been getting excellent reviews since it hit the online radio charts, as a consistent performance that offers a thoughtful but humorous look at a man’s sexuality and its pitfalls. If you pay close attention to the lyrical message, you’ll notice that most songs begin with an almost boyish exuberance about sex, however, a more mature, semi-rapped look on the subject soon takes over, depicting the serious consequences of an oversexed life, complicated relationships, sexual envy, and the ultimate annihilation of a man’s libido.

Although 88-Keys does not come off yet as in the same category of some of the artists he produces for, he has definitely raised some eyebrows in the industry with this album. It definitely came as a surprise to many, specially when he was able to hold his own while singing next to Kanye West, ‘Stay Up!’ which delves with a woman, so sexually overpowering that men need to take extra power to keep up with her and save their reputations.

The album will take you from new wave R&B to a breezy soul, without letting you forget that it is all “experimental.” And that’s what makes it so refreshing to listen to. Audiences are quickly beginning to appreciate 88-Keys’s musical expression, and he know this very well. That is the reason why he has put his production company on hold in favor of promoting his own career as a musician.