The Pirate Radio Network

Most online radio services are divided into two camps: those that exist for the broadcaster and those that exist for the listener. It is rare that a single service is able to provide a quality experience of radio stations from both ends of the spectrum. One of the newest ones to attempt to create that bridge is the Pirate Radio Network, a website based on the RadioDestiny broadcasting system. The experience that a person will have will be dependent on whether they are using the service to send out a radio station signal or whether they are just casual listeners.

The good news about the Pirate Radio Network is that it is very easy to broadcast a radio signal. The RadioDestiny Broadcaster is an excellent program and makes it simple for even a computer novice to be on the air in little time. The downside about the system is that it is quite expensive when compared to similar services in the online radio industry. Other services that provide access to broadcast radio stations often have a smaller charge or remain completely free to the end user.

On the flipside, the listening experience of Pirate Radio Network is free and actually quite good. The streams are sent in high quality and the personal nature of the radio stations makes it similar to the days when DJs actually manned terrestrial radio stations. Although it can be somewhat difficult to locate a radio station that meets a person’s individual taste, once one is found it often becomes a user’s favorite station on the Internet. Although some of the broadcasts are of an amateur nature, this adds to the fun of listening to real radio and many users will find that it is an experience that they enjoy more than a typical corporate radio program.