Shoutcast Radio Review

The concept of Internet radio streaming is very close to the concept of traditional radio. The only difference is that the traditional radio uses AM and FM signals for their transmission, while on the Internet the transmission is made directly to the computer or other devices that have access to the Internet. No matter what type of Internet radio you use, they all use the same principle. The audio or video signal is transmitted and it is received by an user.

Another type of Internet radio is the one who makes online music recommendations based on the users’s preferences like Pandora or last FM. The system works by a simple algorithm.

Shoutcast is a service which can be used exclusively on the Internet. The users have the possibility to create and record their own play lists and broadcast them live on the online web radio. Listeners can access the audio contend by using Winamp. The signal can be transmitted live or can be broadcasted after it has been recorded.

Shoutcast is used by both amateurs or professional music artists. It is used by many DJs and music producers all around the world. Shoutcast Internet radio can also be used by traditional radio stations who want to extend their transmission on the web.

Some pros for using Shoutcast are the numerous features like showing the current number or listeners or downloading a mix or a play list.

As a con, Shoutcast can encounter problems with the transmission when the Internet connections are slow.

Shoutcast Online Internet Radio is a property of Nullsoft and it was created in 1999. The Shoutcast site was redesigned in 2008 and in 2010 and it was also re-branded from Shoutcast Streaming Technology to Shoutcast Radio.

From the multitude of internet radio stations, Shoutcast is one of the most used and it has millions of listeners worldwide.