Slacker Internet Radio

Slacker Internet Radio is a popular free radio service that lets you listen to music for free without having to download anything. The service can also be downloaded to your smartphones such as Blackberry, iPhone and Droid systems. The radio service for your phones is a way that you don’t have to use space on your phone but you will still always have your music if you want. With Slacker Internet Radio you can create an account on the website to manage your playlists and stations, it is very simple service for anybody to use. With Slacker Internet Radio you have hundreds of preset radio stations and you can even customize some stations as well. There are tons of options available for you to listen to such as comedy stations, country, 80’s 90s, hip hop and classic rock there is music available to you no matter what type of music you really like. But with everything available there are pros and cons. Some pros of Slacker Internet Radio would be the amount of preset stations, custom stations and fine tuning the music selection to your particular likings. Cons of Slacker Internet Radio are limited song skips and some stability or quality issues every now and then. But most of the reviews of Slacker Internet Radio have definitely been on the positive side, some people have even stopped using other services such as Pandora and joined Slacker. It all really depends on what you like and what you think of as a good internet radio service. Although some people report having difficulties such as crashing with the Slacker app for iPhone and Blackberry, they still use the service while on the computer. There is even an upgraded version of the service available for the smartphones that you have to pay a monthly fee for, but it doesn’t come with ads, just music throughout the whole time you are listening. But whether you choose to use Slacker or Pandora, you will definitely be pleased with your selection.