Internet Stations

The Inferno Radio Experience

When looking at the bevy of online radio station options, there needs to be something that sparks a person’s interest to demand repeat listening sessions. Some stations have gimmicks, such as prizes and contests, others have colorful DJ personalities in a live ratio station atmosphere, and others just play good music all of the time. The Inferno Radio station aims to combine the latter two aspects to become one of the go to stations for a large number of people. It is possible to listen online to the signal 24 hours a day and the service rarely has an interruption.

One of the best things about Inferno Radio is that they are obviously trying hard to be a good station. They have spent a great deal of time selecting and perfecting their hardware and software strategy, with the result being a flawless transmission across the virtual radio waves. This has turned into a dependability that visitors can trust, knowing that they can tune in and listen to the hits without any technical glitches that are a pain with other sources.

On a sour note, the problem with Inferno Radio is definitely their playlist and live radio station experience. Many listeners have complained that their song selection is bland and that they only play the same hits over and over again without adding much new material or songs that typically get less airplay. In addition, they are trying to replicate the great experience of live radio, but their disc jockeys simply cannot measure up to other ones that are on the air. Better personalities can be found from terrestrial radio stations. Therefore, Inferno Radio is a great choice for a person that wants to listen to the hits, but should be avoided by someone looking for something more that popular music.

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