Yahoo Music

You can find anything on so of course they offer radio stations and music videos. Other than radio stations and music videos they also offer reviews of new music and tell which place on the Billboard Charts each album is on. It is a really neat website to get all of your music and music information from. Besides offering free music for you to listen to while your online. Yahoo Music Radio is a handy service to use, when you are at home and you would like to listen to some of your favorite songs and even discover some new ones. All you have to do is go the website, and you can begin listening at any time. But like anything there are pros and cons of course. Some pros of Yahoo Music Radio would be the fact that you don’t have to create an account, and it’s free and offers several different genres from you to choose from. Another good thing about Yahoo Music Radio is they will suggest other songs by the specific artist that is playing or other genres that kind of fit with it. Some cons of Yahoo Music Radio would be you only get 6 song skips, there’s a lot of advertisements on the radio station, and you don’t get to customize or change anything. But Yahoo does also offer another music service called Yahoo Music Unlimited, it’s a subscription service and for $12 dollars a month you can download as much music as you’d like. With Yahoo Music Unlimited you can create and share playlists, and you also get unlimited burns of the music you purchased from the service. But with the good there comes some bad as well such as the service is only available for Windows Users, and you can’t skip backwards in a playlist or rip the songs to Windows Media Player and the increase is price doesn’t really help it out too much. But otherwise Yahoo Music Radio and Yahoo Music Unlimited are good services to use for your daily music needs.